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Healthcare Solutions

Netlogon offers global solutions for healthcare facilities.

Triple Play

Designer of coaxial and IPTV solutions for the health sector, Netlogon provides convergent solutions to entertain all patients with TV, Internet, Telephony, Video on demand ... and for doctors to (...)

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Business management apps

Netlogon has developped e-NHS TM a software solution to drive sales benefits to patients and facilitate patient surveys, patient directory solutions, room service (...)

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Acces Clinical Applications

Computerized medical carts and our range of thin clients are an economical alternative to access in mobility to healthcare information system, through virtualized application solutions or (...)

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Digital Signage

With our digital signage solutions, your messages are targeted for patients and your staff informed using connected TV, multimedia terminal, screen wall, internal TV (...)

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Access Control

Thanks to Netlogon’s software authentication solution, SSO secures access to medical applications and the Internet.

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